Friday, November 4, 2011

Inspiring message from Design Thinkers Conference

This week was so incredible, it was filled with lots of learning and inspiration. I had a chance to attend the Design Thinkers conference in Toronto where the brightest and the most talented designers presented their work and shared their thoughts on design, life and future. Jessica Hische particularly amazed me. She is so young and so talented; I could feel passion and inspiration flowing from her. She was sharing her life story, showing her beautiful work and sharing stories. What really touched me was when she said: when you have an idea, just get up and do it! Don’t wait until everything is ready for you to work. You have to work whenever you have a little bit of time, don’t waste your time. She gave some of her examples of how she was working at the beginning of her career. She had a job from 9 to 6, then went home and was working on her own and freelance projects till 3am!! Practically everyday! This really touched me; I could imagine how many beautiful things we could create if we only spent more of our time on bringing our ideas to life. For example, I’ve been thinking about creating a journal for years, it’s been sitting around for all this time.

After listening to her, I understood that when we get an idea, we need to rush and bring it to life. If you make a mistake, so what, you learn from it. Next time you do it, you’ll be so much better or otherwise, you’ll be standing at the same place for years. I feel like these waves of inspiration and wisdom touched me so much, I need to rethink my ways of working. I’m so happy that I’m going to have my own studio in a month. Believe it or not, I never had a studio!! Dreams come true.  So I’ll be able to start working harder and spend more time on projects.

My suggestions to you, don’t wait, just get up and do it. Think of things that you’ve been postponing for so long, think of your big dreams, these goals that you are dreaming to achieve. You need to do work and bring them to life. I hope this message inspires you to rethink the way you work, the way you look at your work and encourages you to make this extra step towards your goals and dreams.


  1. inspirational! I will make my dreams a reality! Xx