Friday, October 28, 2011

This season...

I absolutely love this time of year, it is so magic and special to my heart. I love wearing warm sweaters and beautiful cashemere scarfs, wrap myself in a warm blanket and enjoy a freshly brewed chai latte in front of my fireplace. It feels so amazing, so heart warming. It feels like her majesty autumn is slowly becoming colder as is getting ready to embrace the winter season. Beautiful pumpkins are now everywhere making this time of year blossom. I really like this quote by Albert Camus "Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower".

I'm so inspired by this sweet burning aroma of the woods coming from the fireplaces. It makes me desire to paint and dream. Even if Christmas is not here yet, I can hear it slowly coming with tender whispers saying - I'm almost here. I'm inspired to attend the biggest Christmas choir performance here in Toronto, Messiah by Handel and various classical and ballet performances. Ah, so amazing.
Sending you lots of love.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What do you wish to make time for?

What do you wish to make time for?

This is a question asked by Jamie Ridler Studios on Wishcasting Wednesday.
I just love Jamie’s questions, they are so deep and inspiring. It feels like they are filled with magic and sparkles.

I really wish to make time for so many beautiful things in my life. I wish to paint more, I have a desire to create a big painting and show azure shining sea that I’ve seen many times in my dreams. I wish to make time for reading more, I really feel that it is so important to read a lot… reading brings so many interesting ideas. I also wish to have more time each morning to do these amazing brazil exercises that I started a year a go and then stopped.

I desire to start making dream boards and writing in my journal. It really feels like time passes by so quickly and there are so many things I wish to fit in my calendar. I wish to attend performances, concerts and exhibitions, travel to Europe and get inspired by it’s beauty and charm.

I also feel that because the world is filled with so many interesting things, there will be always a time shortage as it’s impossible to do it all. I wish to make time for just relaxing and enjoying the moment.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Autumn days

It can feel the freshness of the autumn breeze and the sweet scent of the fallen leaves and the burning woods in the fireplaces. This time of year inspires me so much, I feel that there is a sleepy and peaceful atmosphere all around me. This season is so magical. I am ready to embrace it and follow its flow. It's also a time of year that allows you to spend more time with ourselves and quietly think of our dreams and desires.

I encourage you to feel peaceful and quite in your heart. Enjoy the sweet scent of this season.