Sunday, August 14, 2011

My upcoming trip to France!

I'm now sitting in the airport waiting for my flight to Richmond. My heart overflows with joy when I think that in a month, I'll be sitting in the same airport but flying to Nice, France. I cannot wait to smell the perfume of French Riviera, to indulge its charm and to fill my soul with inspiration and beauty.

It seems like my last trip to Nice was so long time ago... but when I close my eyes, I can see this place in its splendour and charm, as if I'm there.

On my first day, I am planning on buying a lot of roses, I love roses, there is something so unique and special about them. It is going to be a huge celebration of my return. I might buy a good camera before my trip so that I could take lots of breathtaking pictures.

This place is absolutely unique and heartwarming. I like everything about it.


  1. Hi Daria, long time no talk. I hope that you have a safe flight to richmond (and back) and I am so excited to hear about your trip to Nice! I love how you want to buy lots of roses the first day there, i don't blame you, i would do the same thing :) Thanks for the post!

  2. Thank you so much!!! I'm so looking forward to it! I hope that you are doing amazing, I haven't seen you for so long.
    My trip to Richmond was really great, I enjoyed it a lot.
    Thank you for your warm post :)