Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My newest bookmarks!

A big gift, these beautiful bookmarks reached all the way through lots of thinking and dreaming. I created them, I love them and I can finally share with you my illustrations printed on products!

Here is my newest collection of beautiful bookmarks. Each is unique with beautifully written uplifting words and has a ribbon attached to it. I'm sure that these bookmarks will make your reading experience even more pleasant and heavenly. They are going to be available on my Etsy Shop this week. Each bookmark is blessed with love, joy and inspiration.


  1. Hello..i'm so in love with your fashion illustration! Feel free to visit my blog page! Thanks dear....;-)

    From Malaysia, with LOVE.
    Fashion designer| Illustrator |Stylist

  2. Hello Sandra,

    Thank you so much!! It feels so great to hear that my illustrations are loved and treasured.


  3. Daria,

    This is such an inspiring bookmark! Whenever you flip through your book, you will get inspired by the bookmark! Great idea.