Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My first products are available!

I'm so happy to share with you my first products. I've never used my illustrations to create products and always dreamed about it. Today, my mousepads arrived and it was such a pleasure unpacking them!
Every mousepad is unique. I presently have only 1 to 2 of each and they are all available on my Etsy shop.

This gorgeous mousepad reminds you to celebrate each day because every day is a celebration! It helps you to be thankful for what you have and enjoy it. Something magic happens when you start celebrating everyday, it's like you are opening the door to more beautiful things to come your way. 

You are unique, special and loved. Celebrate who you are.


This beautiful mousepad reminds you to expect miracles. It's very important to know that miracles are happening all around us and if we expect them, they start happening to us. It's like we tune in to them.

This wonderful gift wrapped with roses and petals is a symbol of miracles and blessings. If you look closely, 
there is a golden fountain in the background which symbolizes your biggest dreams. Everything is possible when you believe and have faith. Don't ever get discouraged, expect great things and they will come because God loves you.

This unique mousepad reminds you to be always filled with joy. I bless you with an abundance of joy and positivity. Open yourself to light, love and beauty. Life is beautiful and is filled with amazing things. These fruits represent prosperity, happiness, abundance, love and joy.

This romantic mousepad fills you up with the feelings of love. It reminds you that love is all around us, romance is in the air... Fly with the wings of love!

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