Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My yesterday's walk in Nice, France

My beautiful readers, I'm having the most amazing time here in France. I'm eating croissants and indulging French champaign and wine. The weather is gorgeous and the sea is like a dream... It feels home. Here are some photos that I took yesterday with my new camera that I bought especially for this trip.

This is a very famous umbrella boutique in Old Nice... it's absolutely marvellous.

 I absolutely loved this boutique, it's is filled with gorgeous French style dresses and jewelry... it's a pearl.

This is one of the finest bakeries in Nice... the have the most delicious desserts and hot chocolate.

I as well, discovered this Au nom de la Rose boutique!!! They sell only roses, vases for the roses, desserts made out of roses, candles with rose perfume... It's all about Rose.